Found mostly in forest biomes, wolfs can be tamed by giving them bones and used as personal guard dogs which will attack any hostile mob that attacks you or you attack.

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Ocelots are jungle cats that can be tamed with raw fish. Once tamed, they keep creepers at bay by scaring them off, however, they do not attack.

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Villagers spawn in villages (duh) and have the ability to trade items with players, mostly using emeralds as currency. They do not attack and do not drop anything when killed.

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The infamous enemy of the Sky Army, squids don’t do much but drop ink sacks when killed which can be used to dye sheep and wool.

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Found in the nether, ghasts float around and shoot explosive charges at players. Easily killed by a bow, ghasts can also be killed by hitting the charges they shoot back at them. This awards the player the “return to sender” achievement.

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Sheep can be sheared or killed for wool and can be dyed to produce different wool colors, 16 in all. A sheared sheep will regenerate its wool once it eats grass and if it was dyed the wool will be the dyed color.

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Cows can be killed for their beef and leather, or milked. Milk is used to craft cake or can be drunk to remove all potion/ status effects. leather can be used as armour (not very effective) and is needed for the crafting of books.

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Pigs, like cows, can be killed for their meat. Pigs can be ridden if the player has found a saddle in a dungeon. Control where a pig goes while riding it is to have a carrot on a stick and point the direction you want the pig to go.

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Spiders are passive by day and hostile by night. They attack by jumping straight at the player so they can easily be dealt with by standing still and hitting them with sword strikes as they jump. Spiders drop string and spider eyes when killed.

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Zombies are simple melee enemies but can spawn with armour and weapons, though this is rare, it causes zombies to be one of the more dangerous hostile mobs.

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Skeletons carry bows, rarely enchanted ones, and are rather accurate out to about 15 blocks away. Any farther than that and the miss frequently. If a skeleton is killed by a player with a bow from a range of over 50 blocks (meters) then the player is rewarded with the “sniper duel” achievement.

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Slimes are found in swamps and produce slimeballs when killed. Large slimes when killed produce smaller slimes. While only the large slimes can do damage the smaller ones can get in the way, make a lot of noise, and be a nuisance in general.

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